10 things Nigerian women hate in the bedroom, dear men avoid 5,6,7,4 everywoman hates it : insurance

Nigerian women share the things that bug them the most about guys in the bedroom.

The moves that irk her in the bedroom
Women, especially Nigerian women are not usually very open about their bedroom likes and disliked. This does not mean they are feeling every move the guy makes.
uzmediablog.com asked 10 women what their biggest bedroom turn-off is, on the condition of anonymity. See their responses below.
Weirdly Silent: “OMG! My boyfriend can be so annoying in bed. It is so uncomfortable when I am the one doing all the moaning. One day, I decided to try and stay quiet too, he did not even notice. I have no idea what he likes because he absolutely makes no sound.”
One Position: “My dear boyfriends loves doggy style and doggy style alone. Now, when it’s sex time, I just bend over and let him do his thing. He is not so creative and I am bored most of the time”
Too much positions: “My man will change positions every 20 seconds. Even if I try to moan “I am cumming, I am cumming!” just so he will keep going, he will suddenly change positions and ruin the whole thing.”
Rough handling boobs: “One guy I met home with had this terrible habit of grabbing and squeezing my boobs. They hurt so bad. Needless to say, I never went back.”
P orn star impersonation: “I know our Naija boys love porn. But my boyfriend always pretends to be some porn star in bed and he expects me to do the same. He acts and talks like he is being taped. He even suggested we get videotaped once. I might break up with him.
A nal without consent: “Why does every boy I meet try to stick their penis in my anus? Sometimes I wonder if they think we don’t notice. Not sexy unless you ask for permission.”
No patience: “My fiancé has no patience. He never does foreplay long enough for me to be truly ready. And he never sticks with oral long enough for me to orgasm. He is always in a hurry to reach the next step. It can get really annoying.”
The orgasm interrogation: “My boyfriend is always asking me if I came. Even during sex, he will keep checking in again and again. It is very distracting. And it even stops me from achieving orgasm.”
Biting: “He bites me. My earlobe, lips, nipples, everywhere. He thinks it is sexy. It is not.
Terrible oral: “I had this work colleague that promised me he will give me the best oral if I agreed to have sex with him. He was a big disappointment at the end of the day. He was terrible eating me out. He kept poking at my vagina with his tongue and even tried to use his teeth. Ouch!

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