10 Things Your Mother Never Told You… Warning! This Will Leave You In Tears!


1. You often made her cry.
You made her cry when she found out that she was pregnant. She cried when she
gave you food. She cried the first time she held you in her arms… She cried with
joy. She cried because she was scared. She cried because of the countless nights
without sleep. She still cries because she loves you so much. She cried when you
2. She wanted the last cookie..
But when she saw you sitting there with your big eyes looking hungry she simply
couldn’t say no to you. Because whenever you were happy, she was happy.
3. It hurt…
It hurt when you pulled her hair. It hurt when you grabbed her skin with your long
nails. It hurt when she breastfed you and you bit her. It hurt when you kicked and
punched her. It hurt her so much when she was carrying you for 9 months and it
hurt even more when she gave birth to you. But she never told you; because all
she wanted was for you to be happy.
4. She was always afraid..
Right from the moment you were born, she did everything in her power to protect
you. She became the woman who turned down her friends when they asked to
hold you, because she felt that no one in the entire world could hold you as safe
and secure as she could. Her heart skipped a beat when you took your first steps.
She stayed up all night just to make sure you got home safe, and she woke you
up in the morning so you could go to school. Every time you got hurt, she was the
first one to help you.. And every time you were sick, she stayed home just to be
with you and to make sure that you were okay. She tries her best to protect you
and she always will..
5. She knows that she isn’t perfect.
She is tough on herself.. She knows all her flaws, and sometimes she hates
herself for it. But the toughest times are when it’s about you.. She wanted to be
the perfect mom, and not make any mistakes – but it is only human to fail which
she did sometimes. She still tries to forgive herself for the mistakes she made..
She wishes, with all of her heart, that she could go back in time and fix these
mistakes, but she cant. So be good to her, and let her know that she did her best
and that you appreciate it..
6. She was watching you while you were sleeping.
At some point, she sat up all night just to watch your beautiful face while you
were sleeping. When you couldn’t fall asleep she sang a song for you. Even
though she was tired herself she stayed up just to make sure you fell asleep.
When you finally fell asleep, she stayed up for a little bit longer, just to look at
you. She enjoyed the quietness and she watched how your face expressed more
love than possible.
7. She carried you for way more than a few months…
She learned to carry you while cleaning. She learned to carry you while cooking,
while she cleared the dinner table and while she washed the dishes. She carried
you all the time, she even carried you while sleeping. Her arms were tired, her
back hurt. Her body went through a lot of changes, just for you. But when you
came into this world, she knew it was all worth it. When she held you in her arms,
she was happy..
8. She was sad when you cried..
Nothing hurt as much as when you cried. There was no sight that hurt her more,
than watching you run away with tears down your face.. She did everything to
make you happy again, and when it didn’t succeed, it hurt her..
9. You were always first!
She hadn’t had any food all day. She didn’t shower for the last two days. She
only slept 5 hours the last two days. She always put you first. When she got
home from work and mostly felt like sleeping, she always took care of you first. If
you were hungry, she made you food. If you were sad, she talked with you. She
did anything in her power to keep you happy, and she always chose you before
10. She would do it all over again..
Being a mother is the toughest job in the world. You cry, it hurts, you try, you fail,
you work and you learn. But you also feel more joy than you thought was
possible. The joy you feel when you see your child happy beats everything.
Despite all the pain, sleepless nights and the early mornings, she would still do it
all over again, just for you.

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