Before You Go To Vote (must Read)

Since December last year the election fever have been going on, from Feb 14 now to 28 of march, before you vote go to vote let me tell you some bitter truth, since the politicians have been going from one state to another in form of political rally, I haven’t seen any of there children wearing there customized sh‎irts or holding umbrella or broom chanting there name under the sun or rain, yes none of there family members will be one of the persons that will be attacked on there way to the rallies non will member of there family will be among those that will be bombed in the secretariat, there children are in there choice university in USA, South Africa, Dubai, Uk.. and you innocent citizen will be the ones to chant there name and listen to the numerous lies the will pour out on that rally day, I know you didn’t just go there to hear the lies you went there to collect the peanuts or bag of rice the will share in the rallies, and if there is any fracas there you will get injured or bombed in that rally and there children will here about it on T.V or Social media, is not only shameful but disheartening that this politicians will continue using you to climb higher! At the end of the day the will go And embezzle big money!! In front of our eyes and after four years the will share you peanut again and you will stupidly sing there Praises again and vote them back!! Is Painful
My advice for you,Go out tomorrow vote and don’t show any act of violence because that’s what the politicians want from you! Resist that act, even if the say monkeys and baboon will be soaked in blood if the lose, my dear you are not monkey neither are you baboon, you will be baboon when you will fight your fellow citizen because your favourite candidate do not win!! Rember the innocent youth corps member that lost there lives, don’t forget in a hurry!
Am not quite happy about the situation of this country but all my life I think the last 6years we witness improvement better than the last administration, Lagos ore road, Lagos ibadan road, many highways are now motorable, the railway systerm have been revived, the airports are getting new look, less airmishap, electricity is more constant now than before, the only problem I think that went viral is only security issue which is not an issue the presidency will‎ handle alone, but the whole statesman suppose to put head together to make this country safe again, let’s not politicalise this insurgence but let’s fight it as one nigeria, if we can unite together like the way we fought ebola, why can’t we unite together and fight insurgence.
I have listen to the Opposition and I don’t think the have any idae on how to run a modern country, he kept on linking every question thrown at him to corruption and insecurity! Huh if the ask him how will you improve the economy agriculture he kept on linking everything to corruption and insecurity, it hurts to say that the leading opposition don’t have any clue on how to move this country forward, why do the keep linking every problem to corruption and insecurity!
If we want to stop corruption is individual effort, stop giving out bribe to policemen on the road,refuse to bribe people to get your way, don’t do it, stop bribing lecturers, don’t drive with expired vehicle particulars and when you see police men you bribe them for you to pass, is that also the fault of the Presidency that you refuse to do the right thing! No way unless we start to do the right things in this country that’s when corruption will stop! Is not by shouting change!! Sai GMB, even if buhari wins and you as an individual refuses to do the right thing! This country will still be in shambles of corruption!
I wish the opposition were a new group of Nigerians that are corrupt free, I wish the have a leader that is thinking ahead of the present administration I wish the opposition are better intellectual, but alas the present administration is far better than what the opposition offers us!
Come march 28 2015 history will be made in nigeria, I pray you make it violent free, go and exercise your franchise and resist the temptation  ‎of acting violently, don’t let them use you, remember there children are outside the country and the might not even participate!
And don’t Think you vote dosnt count 1 vote can change so many things
In 1923 one vote gave Adolf Hitler leadership of nazi party
In 1845 one vote brought Texas into union
In 1868 one vote save president Andrew Johnson From Impeachment!!
Don’t Think Your Vote Don’t count of cause it does count! One man can change the world
Irrespective of your party, the only business you have is to cast your vote, stay and watch the counting if you want to, After that l‎eave the rest To inec,the candidates,their party leadership and the courts, for even if inec declares a result you strongly feel did not reflect how you voted,you will not get the commission to reverse it by taking up arms! Dear Nigerians decit from violence this election let’s show the politicians that we can’t be used again!!

Let’s show our high level of majority by doing the right thing! God Bless our beloved country!

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