Eti$alat Finally Launched Android Data Plan – The Cheapest Data Plan on Etisalat


The competitions are getting stiff every months and I know it will get stiffer as time goes by. Just like Visafone giving 10,000GB for N1,000 on the Blackberry
Complete Plan, that’s my dream for NG telecom data plans. I’m beginning to think, there should be away to make this Visafone sim work on other device
( thinking room activated ).
Etisalat don’t want to be left out in this data plan issue as they are now directly competing with Airtel Android Plan and MTN Better MeData Plan . Etisalat just newly but codedly launched their Android Plan 2GB for N2,000. This will make Airtel NG seat tight since they have the guts to give Kenya’ 18GB for N2,650 …
Watch out, in few months from now, another data plan will show face. Though this plan is on the high side compare to Glo dataplan 2.5GB for N2,000 , 4.5GB for N2,500 . But it will make data sub easier for iPhone users and PC users who has good Etisalat network reception in their various locations. Will This Plan Work on iPhone, PC, Window Phones & Blackberry 10? Yes, it works perfectly on iPhone/iPad, Pc and blackberry 10 including window phones.
How Can I Subscribe?
1. Recharge N2,000 on your etisalat SIM
2. Dial *229*2*8#
3. You will be given 2GB of data which can be used on ANY device
This is currently the cheapest data plan from Etisalat, meaning, its more cheaper than Etisalat Third party seller data plan. The only advantage Etisalat third party data resellers have right now is the opportunity of selling 250MB, 500MB or 750MB which is on the high side getting it directly from Etisalat.

My question is, will you rock this new Android plan? …

Your opinions counts via comments.

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