Funny Things Guys Do When They Spot Pretty Ladies


Every guy is guilty of acting funny when they spot pretty ladies and I won’t blame
us because we are moved by what we see while ladies are moved by what they
hear. It started from the beginning of this world when Adam saw eve, calling her
“the bone of my bones”. . Hehehe the guy use d toasting skills well..!
When guys spot a pretty lady, they do funny things which I will summarise below;
1. Lustful starring: This is common to all guys when they spot pretty lady around
either walking pass them, gisting with friends, etc. There is this kind of ‘look’
guys show on their face to get the girl ASAP. They will size the body shape, face,
etc. Some during the process may end up in gutter, some loosing control of
wheels when driving, etc.
2. Stalking: Probably the guy is eyeing the lady who happens to stay around his
area, this is when the guy will stay @ a strategic point to watch her moves, when
she leaves home, when she comes in, etc. A friend of mine(lady) told me of a guy
who is obsessed stalking her @ CMS bus stop every day around 7pm when she is
going home(lekki). It funny though when love becomes lust. Obsession replace
3. Phone call: Ladies love rich dudes, agreed! But not all ladies place an initial
condition HE MUST BE RICH. Some guys act funny when they sit beside a pretty
lady. This is when they form story calling some one; they are expecting shipment/
container @ apapa, they should send dat 1 billion naira to his account for
business transaction, etc. You are rich and you are boarding KEKE, DANFO,
MOLUE. Not all ladies are dump na bros!
4. Flaunting: It’s good when guys flaunt their asset(money, power) but in a right
way. You meet the pretty lady for the 1st time and u are flaunting your asset.
Hehehehe funny and silly at same time. Such guys, many of them will end up on
her maga list.
5. Love letter: In the olden days when technology is just @ the development stage
when guys spot pretty ladies, they look for shakespare love poem, compose love
letter and tell someone to deliver it for them. For those who cannot lay their
hands on shakespare, they compose funny love letter like “you are the egg in my
egg roll. Without u, I am puff puff” (just kidding though). Currently technology has
grown, toasting has change skills. Guys send PM, mails(nairaland , facebook 4
e.g), voice sms, phone calls, etc. It’s funny when u spot a pretty lady picture on
nairaland and the next thing is to send love message to someone u have not met.
Hehehe! Funny act indeed.

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