How To enjoy Glo BIS Subscription of 3GB For N1000 Comfortably On Your Android and PC

It came to my notice that only about 45% of Nigerians knew that the Glo BIS subscription of 3GB for only N1000 can also be used on Android phones, Tablets and PC. I have been using these Glo Blackberry subscription for some time now but due to the recent network problems, i had to switch to my known MTN unlimited browsing for one month using VPN software which i will soon publish about it here on Today we will be discussing about How to use the Glo 3GB for N1000 monthly BB subscription on your Android phones and PC too.


Method 1

Step 1. Recharge your Glo SIM with N1000 worth of Recharge card.

Step 2. Insert the Glo SIM card inside a Blackberry phone.

Step 3. Then text “COMONTH” without the quotes, and send to 777. You will receive a message that you subscription is successful.

Step 4. Now browse with the Blackberry phone for like 20 minutes or you could download few songs or watch some youtube videos.

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Step 5. Pick up your Android phone and create a new APN following these steps below.

Tap Setting navigate to > Mobile Networks then > Access point names and click on any network inside your android (mtn or etisalat). Then click on the Option > click New APN.

Now create the APN as follow:
Leave others as it is

Step 6. Remove the Glo SIM card from your BB and insert it in your android phone.

Step 7. Activate the APN you created.

Step 8. Then connect your Data on and start browsing.

If this method didn’t work for you, then you will have to change your android phone’s IMEI number to Blackberry. Follow this steps below to do it.

Method 2

Step 1. Get a Blackberry imei number. You can get it from any blackberry phone that is not currently activated on any BIS subscription. Or you can generate a Blackberry IMEI number online using any available software.

Step 2. Download “mobileuncle tools” or “engineer mode (MTK)” from your Google android playstore.

Step 3. Open the mobileuncle tool,navigate to > Engineer mode > Engineer mode (MTK) > Connect > CDS information > Radio information > phone 1 > click on AT+ > press E it will list something click the first one to change the imei of sim 1 or click the second one to change the imei of sim 2 after you choosed it put your blinking cursor at middle like this AT+EGMR=1,7,”!” and put the BB imei
Note: The imei must be 15 digits  and don’t forget to backup your original phone imei number.

Step 4. Tap on “SEND AT COMMAND”

Step 5. Switch off your phone and turn it on again.

Step 6. Now check your imei using this code *#06# if it has change, you are done.

Now you can use your Glo blackberry subscription on the android phone without problems. If you want to use it on your PC, you can share it through Wi-fi hotspot.

Now enjoy using your Glo Blackberry subscription on your android and PC comfortably. Hope it works for you fine.


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