Ladies see steps on How to get Your dream man and Make Him Propose To You : insurance quote

There are basically 5 things any responsible mature unmarried man wants in a wife and they are
1.A woman that is sexually pleasing to his eyes.
2.An excellent cook
3.A GOD fearing lady.
4.A very romantic lady.
5.A financially independent lady.

The question is;do you have all these qualities? if NO then you just might try having them but if you do then here is the catch;

Many marriage ready guys want to settle down with any lady who has the qualities highlighted above but they are not game with all these running after babes upandan so when they see one who is daring enough to show them real affection,they simply surrender and before you know it, they are married to that lady even if she is a karashika… stop the timidity and get that guy to yourself before one sharp bad babe does.

This is the secret smart ladies use to get good guys while the good and reserved ladies keep hoping and praying for a GOD fearing guy to come their way.

Don’t be bothered by his good looks,financial status or affluence or even the lady that is always hanging around him because in most cases, that lady might just be a pain in the neck for him so when next you see a guy you fancy and he is mature enough for marriage,take the bull by the horn,show him good green light,get close to him without wasting time or expecting him to chase you because while waiting for him to come after you,he just might get carried away by another daring lady…

If you ever start an affair with him just treat him like a king and make his family love you expecially his mum but after all these If he does not propose to you in about a year,simply walk away…

But trust me,it works.

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